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A cyberattack has the potential to expose you and your business to a host of financial losses and damages.

The "Simply Cyber" contract by MSI-Lloyd's is intended to protect against the risk of sensitive data and computer systems being exposed to cyber attacks and allows you to continue business with complete peace of mind.

The "Simply Cyber" contract is based on a network of experts made available to the Insured, to protect against risks to the integrity of your information systems and sensitive personal data (bank cards, passwords and personal codes trade secrets, etc.)

The purpose of this contract is to preserve the reputation and sustainability of the company against threats posed by hackers, economic espionage or possibly its own employees against risks related to data security


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MSI distributes products on a B2B basis, through retailers, insurance intermediaries, agents and brokers

MSI has developed into a reputable underwriting agency under the Freedom of Services Act and has been a Coverholder for Lloyd’s of London from its very beginnings

MSI provides services to affinity groups targeting private lines business, SME, middle market and major corporations