Loss of Rent

MSI’s cover provides security for the landlord against default payment on the part of the tenant. Reimbursing the loss caused by the non-payment of rents due, recoverable costs, taxes and legal defence costs.

This coverage concerns both private and commercial rented premises.

Householder's Comprehensive

Compulsory by law to be taken out by tenants who rent unfurnished property, this coverage protects against rental risks and damages caused by fires, water or explosions.

Landlord's Condominium (non-occupant) for properties part of a building corporation (CBNO)

The aim of the CBNO is to intervene after the guarantees of the condominium or the comprehensive home insurance have expired. This includes rental risks such as a landlord being held responsible in case of insufficient personal guarantees taken out by his tenants, personal insurance of the client as a landlord and police and local council interventions (in the case of expulsions for example).

Owner non-occupant (individual landlord)

Even though a tenant has taken out comprehensive home insurance against key risks, this is not enough to cover all the risks of the landlord. This insurance protects efficiently and affordably the rental investment.

Property and Miscellaneous Products Range

Property programmes, industrial risks, high exposure and difficult risk analyse and placement.

Specialty niche-contracts and Binders.

Facultative risks and bespoke Schemes with Lloyd’s or FOS Carriers.