Travel insurance

General travel insurance, offering cancellation insurance and assistance of all types such as repatriation, medical, loss or theft of luggage, emergency financial support. 

Schengen Travel insurance

Compulsory insurance required for a Schengen visa, this coverage includes repatriation and medical expenses required to obtain access to countries belonging to the Schengen Area.

Specialised travel insurance

This coverage is designed to meet the needs of different travellers and cater for different types of travel such as skiing and winter sports, cruise, backpackers, business, student travel, family or group insurance and coverage for pre-existing medical conditions or security delays. 

Personal accident insurance

Personal accident insurance includes payment of a compensation in the event of death, total and irreversible loss of autonomy, permanent or partial disablement following an accidental event affecting an individual.
Coverage may be permanent or limited to a specific time period, for example during a trip, mission, work experience, or defined interim period.

The coverage can benefit all individuals in their private or professional life. 

Group personal accident insurance

This product is offered to company employers for their employees. The coverage can include events which have occurred at any time and in any place in a clients’ private and professional life. Coverage can be offered to risks not only related to the workplace or the place of residence, but also the commute to work.

There is no limit to the potential cover or creation of groups, provided the product can be designed around a specific customer need.

Repatriation insurance

For religious purposes, family tradition or the deceased’s own wishes, the place of burial may be far from the place of death. This cover provides for the cost of repatriation of the corpse to the place of burial.

Unemployment insurance

Income protection in the event of unemployment following involuntary redundancy, providing a defined weekly or monthly financial benefit.