Motor Vehicle Breakdown 

Offering mechanical and electrical breakdown cover for motor vehicles, this product is particularly convenient when it comes to the sale of second-hand vehicles as it offers a guarantee for the seller.

For new vehicles, the coverage enables the distributor to offer its clients an extension, which exceeds over and above the manufacturer’s initial guarantee. The insurance offered by MSI becomes a means to facilitate and support the sale of the vehicle.

Plant and Machinery Mechanical Breakdown

Offering coverage to a contractor’s plant and machinery against mechanical and electrical breakdown and/or the machinery’s physical damage, the product can be sold by or provided to dealers in this type of equipment, manufacturers and repairers.

The breakdown coverage ranges from 3 months to 5 years and can include any underlying periods of cover provided by the manufacturer. Coverage can also include accidental damage, fire and theft of the plant and/or machinery.

Multi-Appliance Warranty

Multi-appliance policies are an appealing product as they offer a cost-effective alternative to expensive individual warranties. The coverage is extended and added on to the existing manufacturer’s warranty on domestic appliances for duration of 12 or 24 months.  

Designed for sale by brokers, our warranties will, for example, cover white goods and appliances, brown and grey goods (consumer electronics and computers) and use an up-sell mechanism for longer warranty periods.

Extended Breakdown and Warranty Extensions

Offering protection against the costs of unforeseen mechanical breakdown, electrical, electronic and mechanical breakdown or defects in materials and workmanship, this product extends the warranty of the item that has suffered the loss. The original manufacturer of the item, its distributors, retailers and end-user customers such as banks, financial institutions and cardholder schemes can sell this coverage.

This product is usually sold in a package, for example, kitchen appliances (usually white goods, such as fridges, washing machines, cookers) or entertainment (brown goods such as TV, DVD player, Stereo systems).

Furniture Warranty

As a customer protection product sold by retailers furniture warranty insurance provides extended coverage against accidental damage, staining and structural defects to enhance customer loyalty and brand value for the furniture retailer. 

MSI can also provide up to 2 years in-warranty structural defect coverage for retailers or manufacturers.